Arnott Marine is a specialist marine insurance broker and Managing General Agent( MGA) in the UK and is a trading name of Castle Insurance Services (NE) Limited.


We provide H&M, P&I and related covers for fishing vessels directly to customers and via insurance brokers, as well as providing cargo insurance as an MGA for UK clients via independent UK insurance brokers.


Our cargo product is designed to be deployed by brokers for large risks requiring large limits, particularly in storage, as well as wine related accounts.


We can deploy up to £10m any one conveyance or any one location outside the ordinary course of transit.


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Marine Insurance

Cargo Insurance

Fishing Vessel Insurance

Freight Insurance


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Arnott marine is a trading name of Castle Insurance Services (NE) Ltd Registered in England No. 6830578 Authorised and Regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority - Registration No. 501457

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